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We are NeuroInspire Education, Inc, a nonprofit organization operating in the D.C. Metropolitan area and Northern Virginia. This is our home, our community, and our proving ground for bold innovations in educational systems, practices, and technology. The Inspire Program series aims to raise the standard of education in Northern Virginia, and is our flagship outreach initiative for elementary and middle school students. 

Since our inception, our goal has never been to educate students about neuroscience or any other subjects exclusively, but instead to leverage these subjects as mediums and tap into greater things: art, history, philosophy, ethics, law, medicine, engineering, mathematics, science, biology, chemistry, physics, and other areas of active human exploration. We do this by helping students discover their latent passions through engaging activities, demonstrations, and lessons. 

The core of NeuroInspire consists of high school instructor, engineering, and leadership teams. Although great ideas often come from individuals, we believe those ideas are best put into practice by the collective efforts of small groups of committed citizens. 

In 2018, we will be recruiting and training a new generation of instructors at the Thomas Jefferson and McLean high schools based on our five years of experience in education outreach in Northern Virginia. We will continue to prioritize the under-served in our community, and this year, we will introduce NeuroInspire Impulse, a community event exploring Brains, Planes, and Stars

We challenge fundamental assumptions about educational theory and rigorously test new discoveries in the classroom. NeuroInspire is deeply personal to us; it's family and we're in it for life. We hope to see you at one of our programs as a student, instructor, parent, teacher, or as an interested member of our community. 

- The NeuroInspire Founders


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