NeuroInspire is an educational outreach organization that aims to inspire elementary and middle school students to pursue their passion, regardless of whether it’s in STEM or in the arts. The primary goal is not only to spark an interest in a specific subject, but more so to inspire youth to explore the world through a repertoire of different perspectives.


This goal is achieved by holding short high-energy programs during which trained high school instructors visit elementary and middle schools and lead students through a carefully crafted curriculum that includes hands-on activities, engaging demonstrations, and thought-provoking discussions.

Theory of Action

Inspire Programs are designed with the goal of moving away from a typical classroom environment and towards an atmosphere that is more conducive to exploration and investigation. NeuroInspire sessions are discussion- and activity-driven, rather than lecture- and grade-driven like in a conventional class, and are designed in this way to foster the creation and sharing of ideas. This compels students to develop a passion for learning and critical thinking.




Board of Directors: Clara Fontaine, Suhas Gondi, Seong Jang, Nathan Kodama, Sid Sivakumar.



Thank you for your interest in NeuroInspire. We offer all of our programs free to all students and all of your funding goes directly into the purchase of unique neuroscience, aerospace, and astrophysics instruments and materials. Please consider making a contribution that will go towards K-12 students in the D.C. Metropolitan area.