Impulse is a large scale community event in Northern VA for upper elementary and middle school students in neuroscience, aerospace, and astrophysics. The event will be offered, free to all Northern VA and DC Metropolitan Area students. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and the Arts will be presented by university and high school students from Northern Virginia. The main feature of the event is the active laboratory component: one outdoor and two indoor sections during a three-hour block.

AERO Aerodynamics Laboratory

Area A: Wind Tunnel

Area B: Fluid Flow

Area C: Force-Strain Gauges


AERO RC Plane Laboratory

Area A: Radio Communications

Area B: Radio Control

Area C: Autonomy and Drones


AERO Outdoor Airfield

Area A: Runway

Area B: Flight Control

Area C: Flight School

ASTRO Spectroscopy Laboratory

Area A: Fluorescent Tubes

Area B: Stellar Features

Area C: Stellar Identity


ASTRO Simulation Laboratory

Area A: Planetary Motion

Area B: Star Systems

Area C: Galaxies


ASTRO Outdoor Observatory

Area A: Skymaps and Constellations

Area B: Exploratory Observation

Area C: Hi-Fidelity Observation

Students are invited to tour various programs offered throughout the day. A variety of laboratories will be active all day and volunteer-led tours will chaperone small groups through laboratory areas. Instructors trained with the specific laboratory equipment or techniques will carry out demonstrations while other instructor teams will present independent, original, and unique 60 and 90-minute lessons:

NEURO Intelligent Swarm Behavior

By Saket Bikmal (TJ ’18), Soren Christensen (TJ ’18), and Ened Lame (McLean ’20)


NEURO Language, Poetry, and the Brain

By Lucy Zheng (McLean ’17)

AERO Biomimicry

By Cassie Quach (TJ ’18), Hannah Gold (McLean ’18), Lora Zhao (McLean, ’18)


AERO Electric Planes

By Katie Richmond (TJ ’18), Daniel Haseler (TJ ’17), Vivian Greundal (TJ ’18), Clara Fontaine (TJ ’17)


ASTRO Biology in Zero-G

By Zoe Lachow (McLean ’18) and Shreya Ramesh (McLean ’18)

ASTRO Interplanetary Exploration

By Soren Christensen (TJ ’18), Ened Lame (McLean ’20)

NEURO Neurobiology Laboratory

Area A: Dissection and Anatomy

Area B: Hands-On Models

Area C: Vision


NEURO Electrophysiology Laboratory

Area A: Introductory Electrophysiology

Area B: Basic Electronics

Area C: Electricity and Magnetism


NEURO Food Laboratory

Area A: Elements of Taste

Area B: Food Chemistry

Area C: Cooking

Thank you for your interest in NeuroInspire Impulse. We are offering free admission to all students interested in attending this event and all of your funding goes directly into the purchase of unique neuroscience, aerospace, and astrophysics instruments and materials. Please consider making a contribution that will go towards K-12 students in the D.C. Metropolitan area.

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NeuroInspire Impulse

June 3rd, 2017 at Thomas Jefferson High School